Off the Beaten Path… Gateway Canyons

When one thinks of Colorado, towering snow-capped mountains is probably first thing that comes to mind. It is easy to overlook the diversity of the state, thanks to the grandeur of the Rockies… but the western portion of Colorado boasts extraordinary mesas, monuments and red rock canyons that are equally stunning. In these palisades, just 59 miles southwest of Grand Junction, lies the enchanting Gateway Canyons Resort. Built by Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks in 2004, Gateway Canyons is an award-winning full-service destination surrounded by natural beauty and enhanced with man-made adventure.

This secluded luxury resort features exceptional lodging options, multiple dining venues, endless outdoor activities and the world-class Gateway Colorado Auto Museum. It is a one-stop destination for groups of all types, just off the beaten path.

Steeped in history, the canyons and plateaus near Gateway were originally home to the ancient Pueblo, Fremont and Ute Native American tribes. The actual town of Gateway, Colorado traces its roots back to 1884 when the first homesteaders arrived in the area. The name Gateway was given to the town at the turn of the twentieth century, as it is the “gateway” to Colorado from neighboring Utah. Today, Gateway Canyons Resort acts as the cornerstone of the town, welcoming visitors from around the world to experience the unique and charming beauty of Western Colorado.

Gateway Canyons Resort offers a wide range of on-site activities… from rock climbing and horseback riding, to sport shooting and driven experiences, to spa services and swimming pools… Gateway Canyons is a distinctive venue for groups to meet, entertain and enjoy the magnificent Colorado landscape. Nearly everything at Gateway Canyons can be customized to fit the needs and purpose of your visit there and Realize Colorado is here to help turn your vision into reality!

Please contact us to help plan your group’s next adventure here, or anywhere else in Colorful Colorado!

(All photos courtesy of Gateway Canyons Resort.)


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